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Yardage Pro Legend WP 930Y-Range Finder
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Product Number: BH200003W
Huntingvideosarchery.com is proud to feature this range finder for you to choose from our selection of optics. Please feel free to browse through our website for any other products that we offer for your hunting needs such as archery supplies, spotting scopes,binoculars,trail cameras,hunting videos,and other products. Thank you for shopping online with huntingvideosarchery.com

Item Price: $656.48
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 1.03 lbs.

When you don't the know distance to your target  the Bushnell Yardage Pro Legend Waterproof laser rangefinder can tell you with the push of a button. The Yardage Pro Legend will measure the distance to any target within its 930-yard range. And it'll give you a digital readout - all at the speed of light!
The Yardage Pro Legend works by projecting a laser beam to any target and  bounces it back. Using digital technology and an ultra-high-speed clock, the Legend calculates the bounce-back time, then determines distance with phenomenal accuracy. You'll have your LCD readouts accurate to +/- 1 yard - an error rate so small, it'll make no difference for nearly any use you can think of.

For hunting in foul weather conditions the waterproof Yardage Pro Legend is ideal. It'll give you spot-on distance-to-target out to its maximum range. With that info dialed into your sight or scope, you can take your shot with confidence and and take that once in a life time trophy. Golfers will appreciate the Yardage Pro Legend, too. By giving accurate distance to the pin, it'll take the guesswork out of club selection. You'll get on the green more often, and that'll shave strokes off your game. Take a laser rangefinder with you on your next golf outing.Nothing beats a Bushnell rangefinder for hunting or a golf rangefinder for improving your golf game.

FEATURES for the Bushnell range finder are as follows-

100% waterproof/floatable construction
Pocket-size ergonomic design
6x magnification
Scan, Zip and built-in rain and reflect modes
Range: 15 - 930 yards

Range (yards): 15-930
Magnification: 6x
Size (in / mm): 1.8 x 3.9 x 3.1; 45 x 100 x 80
Weight (oz/g):7.2 / 204
Battery Type: 3 Volt CR2

Targeting Mode:

Scan: Yes
Rain: Built-In
Zip: Yes
Reflector: Built-In
Ranging Performance (yards)
RFLCTV.: 930
TREE: 800
DEER: 450
FLAG: 275
Accuracy: +/- 1



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