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Product Number: HU00620
Item Price: $579.98
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 7.07 lbs.
If you have ever asked why havent trail cameras gone digital. Well finally game monitor camera’s have gone digital! No more film cost, no photo processing, no paying for unwanted pictures and no batteries! • All Digital - The Rack Tracker uses a switchable .3 or 1.3 megapixel digital camera specifically designed for the  extremes that we put them through in the  outdoors . Set the Rack Tracker for highest resolution and “fine” pixel rate and your images are larger, clearer and almost suitable for framing. Set to a lower resolution and the camera on the :normal” pixel rate, and you will capture hundreds of images. • Retrieve Pictures With Ease - Uses a removable Flash Card. Save the images you want to your favorite hard drive and delete the rest. • Itelligent Power Management System - Three-Beam Tracking, variable sensitivity,camera”sleep” mode and superior engineering are all part of a complete system to manage power consumption to maximum efficiency. Take more pictures over a longer period of time. • You get a Rugged Camera For A Rugged Chore - Engineered and designed specifically for use as a game camera-not designed for soccer moms. • Optional Solar Powered Battery Charger - As long as the sun comes up , a solar panel generates power even on cloudy days. No buying batteries. • The Most Used Game Monitor Features - Date and time stamped on each picture, selectable for day or night or 24 hour operation, eight day settings all within lockable camo-molded weatherproof housing. • Easy To Program - No suffering through 200 commands to use the Rack Tracker, each function • Exclusive Three Beam Technology - Main “Trigger” beam tells the camera to take the picture. Twin arming beams surround the trigger beam. Once one of the arming beams is broken, the camera will power up and stand ready to take a picture. This means the camera is more likely to to capture images of game, and less of an empty trail. Comes with instructional video. Huntingvideosarchery is very high on this model for use as a game camera to capture images of the deer,hogs,elk or whatever your property contains.Good hunting and enjoy your trail cameras.


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