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Product Number: MFHUCM
Item Price: $57.98
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 5.36 lbs.

This Moultrie camera tree mount solves your mounting problems. No matter how large or small or odd shaped the tree is.When you find the perfect place to set up your trail camera,Mount allows you to put it up no problem. This Moultrie camera tree mount  allows you to mount your game camera to any tree, however irregular or curvy - without adversely affecting the camera's angle. This heavy-duty, screw-in mount even makes it possible for you to set up trail cameras on very large trees. With the Camera Tree Mount, you no longer have to forgo that great scouting spot to search for another location with just the "right"-shaped tree.

This extremely versatile universal mounting plate provides a stable platform compatible with Moultrie digital game cameras and almost any other game camera brand that is sold today. The tree mount includes all hardware, and you won't even need your tools. Simply secure the tree mount by pressing it firming against a tree or post, and rotate clockwise. It's as easy as that. And if your game camera has a built-in tripod receiver, you can mount it directly to the gimbal mount by not useing the back plate for less conspicuous placement of your game camera.

Huntingvideosarchery supplies this Moultrie Camera Tree Mount to you to provide easy mobility when you need to move your camera, and you can adjust the camera to virtually any angle. With the gimbal mount, simply adjust the Camera Tree Mount to almost any position for a perfect aim at the point where you expect the game animals to approch on the trail, straight up or down, upside down or even sideways. Adjustments are easy to make, and you will be absolutely certain that your camera's angle is locked to stay in the exact position you want. This should aid you in getting those shots of deer and hogs,elk or what ever you are trying to capture on your game cameras.


• Universal mounting plate compatible with all Moultrie digital game cameras
• Compatible with most game camera brand models
• Provides stable platform for camera
• Durable gimbal mount adjusts to virtually any position for perfect aim
• Heavy-duty, screw-in tree mount is easy to set up, no tools necessary
• Includes all hardware needed for camera mounting

Hope this solves a lot of problems for you

Good hunting and place your trail cameras wisely.



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