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Huntingvideosarchery.com has a line of archery products for you to choose from and will be adding more as time permitsThe 2008 Hot Dot F.O.X. Fiber Optic Xtreme archery sight features 5 easy-to-adjust fiber-optic metal pins that move independently and are all hidden in the top portion of the housing. This bow sight design ensures that no pins, wires or bars get between you and your target. Each pin is outfitted with 6.75" of .029"-diameter FitzFiber, the brightest fibers available today. No electronic components means the Hot Dot F.O.X. archery sight is legal in all states and provinces. This bow sight’s lens is made from the same type of polycarbonate as safety glasses and features a coating that targets red light wavelengths. The redesigned and extended mounting bracket allows for increased accuracy and full view of the sight window. The bow sight's housing is made from similar high-strength nylon to Summit's Rapid Climb stirrups material. This offers excellent durability, temperature variances of 0 degrees F to 125 degrees F will not affect the strength of this material, and light weight, the entire assembly, including mounting brackets, weighs just over 6 ounces. The fiber optic pin system is completely encased in aluminum with aluminum mounting brackets to prevent accidental damage. In addition, the bow sight mounts on right or left handed bows, features third axis leveling, micro adjustment, available screw-in LED light and can be quickly converted to Hot Dot Plus version by purchasing the Plus electronic module. Summit's Hot Dot archery sights give you the functionality you need, plus the latest technology to give you a bow hunting advantage.Thank you for shopping with huntingvideosarchery.com This bow site will last you for years an work very well in your archery hunting camp as this is one of the best bow pin sights that you can come by. It is as good or better than any lasermax sight that is on the market.

Specifications are-

fine quality bow sight

easy adjustable pins

guard for the sight pins is made of high-strength nylon

light weight only 6 ounces



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