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These Plot watchers are not just like game cameras in the way that they work. Here is how the trail camera works as you know they capture close range images of animals that get close to your camera, say up to 90 feet or so but your plot watcher time lapse video camera takes pictures of  your food plot and anything that might be in it at regular intervals so that you know where the animal enters the field and when. Thus letting you know where to place your tree stand for the best chance for that close range shot with bow or rifle. You will also know what deer are entering your food plot and what time of the day. This plot watcher camera takes pictures every 5 seconds and you can watch a full days activity in minutes with day six gamefinder video player and motion search. Huntingvideosarchery is proud to offer this game camera for your hunting needs.


Scouts 10X more area for you than a trail camera

This timelapse video idea is powerful

Included is gamefinder video software

quick setup

Battery life is over 7 days ( batteries not included) (4) AA batteries 

Gamefinder software with MotionSearch

Replay time in just a few minutes for a 12 hour day of video

HD Video-1280x720 (HD) or 640x368 (std.)

 Customize your recording time for Midday Skip

Capture images at 5 or 10  second settings

Storage- USB drive (not included; 8GB recommended)



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